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Holiday Looks: Jewelry Focus

November 20, 2018

Brainstorming holiday looks can follow a pretty simple pattern: white, red, or green, metallic golds and silvers, and luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk. Once you have the base down, you can build off of it into infinite combinations. Overwhelmed with options? One of my favorite ways to find new inspiration is to select a piece of jewelry and let that become the base of your look.

Instead of reaching for your standard, crystal-clear sparkles or pearls, add a touch more holiday spirit by seeking out pieces in statement tones — emeralds and deep rubies or rich sapphires. If you usually reach for neutral clothes like the classic black dress or a cozy white sweater, adding color through your accessories spices up your style in a snap. Or, create a monochromatic look by seeking out a dress in the same tone as a beaded statement necklace, whether in a festive holiday green, red or even a deep brown for a classic look updated in today’s trending neutral.

Second, another great holiday trend is bangles. Often in wintertime, wrists are left largely undecorated due to long and thick coat sleeves. However, an indoor party, dinner, or event is the perfect place to jingle all the way with a stack of gold or silver bangles. You can go for a simple all-metal look, or mix-and-match different textures like beads, stones, or charms for a quirkier, laid-back look. These are always fun to seek out at secondhand shops! If you’re wearing a long-sleeve top or dress, layer the bracelets over your sleeves for a chic look.

Finally, feel free to adapt the anklet trend for holiday. Paired with a sleek black pump or low heel, a little crystal anklet will keep your look fresh and on-trend for every event on your schedule. Another twist on the standard pieces is jewelry for the hair — think big, crystal barrettes or jeweled hair ties. No matter which direction you go in, check out Style Encore boutiques to get your shine on this holiday season!

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford